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SOMEIL - Zamak Pressure Die Casting
Zamak Pressure Die Casting
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SOMEIL - Sociedade de Metais Injectados, Lda. was established in 1987 based on a team with a vast experience of over a decade in the field of pressure die casting of non-ferrous metals.

We are dedicated to the die casting of non-ferrous metals (NACE 28630), in particular production and sale of die casting in Zamak (zinc alloy), raw or coated with electrostatic paint or galvanization treatment. The production equipment is composed by five casting machines (IDRA and URPE) with clamping force from 20 to 125 Ton. equipped with robotic parts extraction, and automatic plating line, allowing chrome finish (bright, satin and black), nickel (satin, bright and semi-bright), gold and others.

We have human and material resources to assist our clients from the design phase to delivery of the final product.

We split our activities between the production of own design products, essentially handles for furniture, and the production of items according to customer's design requests (subcontracting), including armor projectors for lighting, electrical and electronic components, housewares, accessories for furniture and technical parts for multiple purposes.

Currently over half of our production is for the export market for leading companies. We export to many countries including Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom and Canada.

We are certified by ISO 9001 since 2000. Currently, our Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015.



SOMEIL - Soc. Metais Injectados, Lda.
Campos, Apartado 60
2405-009 Maceira LRA


+351 244 770 340



GPS Coordinates: 39.6833,-8.9145